Administration of Estates

The loss of a loved one is the one of the most difficult events we will ever experience.  Administration of estates deals with an estate to distributed by a will and those that do not. 


Minor children that inherit property or money will require a guardianship.  


Adults who are no longer capable of making decisions for his or herself will require conservatorship.

What do I do After the Loss of A loved One?

  1. Search for a Last Will and Testament or Trust. Handwritten documents may also serve as a last will and testament so save any document that may be used to distribute property. 
  2. If you only find copies, search for any original documents or clues for places were the originals may be kept or stored. Store any documents in a safe place. 
  3. Determine who should be responsible for the estate by following the instructions on the will or trust  If there is no will  or trust, talk with the heirs of the individual. 
  4. Have the individual responsible for the estate to contact an attorney in the county where the individual resided at the time of passing to determine next steps. 
  5. Do not sell, remove or distribute any items prior to legal consultation. 

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