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The law is ever changing. Knowing the nuanced changes in the law may make the difference between winning and losing . Knowing how to decipher an expert financial valuation and the ability to spot mistakes may result in thousands of dollars more in your pocket. It is crucial to have a lawyer with a broad understanding of all of the issues and how they interact. While you may perceive a simple issues, your attorney should be able to see the potential complexity in your case. Knowing how to spot issues and place your case in perspective for a judge can be the difference between winning and losing.

Practice areas

Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Visitation, Modifications

Wills, Trust, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney

 Administration of Estate, Small Estate, Will Contest, Conservatorships, Guardianship, Muniment of Title 

Residental/Commerical Closing, Real Estate Contracts, Landlord/ Tenant Diputes/Evictions, Document Review, Tax Sale Redemption,  Code Violations, Land Disputes, Heir Property

 Entity Formations, Start-ups, Review & Drafting Contracts, Contract Negotiations, Entity Business Agreements, Business Succession Plans, Non-Profit Organizations



 Accidents, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Slip & Fall

Serving the memphis & Shelby county

In need of legal services but... Travel over the road? Away on business? Currently living in another state? No problem ... Bostick Law prides itself on utilizing every resource avaliable to provide exceptional service to all of our clients. We conduct consultations and cilent meetings via conference call or Skype and can handle most business via email or our document exchange systems. Don't allow distance to cause you to sit on your rights or ignore a serious legal issue.

The Firm

Bostick Law is a boutique law firm dedicated to serving the legal needs of the community through representation, counsel and education. Bostick Law is dedicated providing individualized client focused representation and counsel to each and every client. We understand that your legal matter is important to you and you need it to be as important to us.

We strive to not only give our clients the best legal advice and representation possible, but we also aim to education and inform our community concerning proper estate planning and sound business solutions. Our laser-focused approach to strategic solutions provide our clients with the assurance that their case is being handled by a seasoned attorney who has devoted years of their career to zealously representing clients and getting results.

The difference is our knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures that make our practice areas of the law so complex. Our clients can rest assured that we are up to date on the most recent updates and changes in the law. The results speak for themselves. Bostick Law is the difference in having a good result and a great result.

So let’s get started. E-mail me at to set up an initial consultation or you can call me at 901-472-0010 to start the conversation even sooner.

Bostick Law PLLC
Bostick Law Pllc

Bostick Law Pllc

Technology and divorce are a beautiful thing … especially for divorce lawyers! Technology and divorce are the perfect match for court room drama. No longer do lawyers have to rely on he said/she said hearsay arguments to convince the judge that they are right. With the advent of emails, text messages, and a whole host of… Read More

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1.    Gather as much financial information as you can. Try to get information from the past three years. The more information you have about your financial situation, the better your chances will be for determining whether your spouse has been siphoning money off during the marriage and hiding it. You want to collect bank statements, tax… Read More

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When your ex stops making child support payments your initial reaction is to want to take him/her to court. You’re stung by how horribly unfair it is that your ex is “getting away with” not doing what s/he is supposed to do. You’re also furious that now YOU have to struggle to make ends meet… Read More

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  Creating a comprehensive estate plan to deal with your assets and provide for your loved ones after your death is one of the most rewarding tasks you can undertake. You will feel an enormous sense of accomplishment when you complete your estate plan. DECIDE WHO RECEIVES YOUR ASSETS AT DEATH The state has already… Read More

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It can be risky for small business owners to operate as sole proprietors or general partnerships. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy in Tennessee and across the country. Many smaller companies are owned by a single person (or a group of a few people) who had a dream of running their own business.… Read More

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Bostick Law Pllc

What our Clients Think

Knowledgable, Competent, and Concerned.  I was very satisfied with the customer service and attention given to my case.  I recommend Bostick Law to all of my family and friends – Hannah

Bostick Law helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I lost my mother.  Not only did I receive guidance, I also received support and compassion.  Bostick Law is my go to law firm. – Candance

Bostick Law has been representing me for years!  I They got me results on my child support case when I thought there was no hope.  Highly recommended!
– Anthony

Bostick Law Pllc

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