Businesses in Tennessee and throughout the region are governed by a complex network of legal and regulatory provisions. At the Tennessee law firm of Bostick Law attorneys can help you negotiate the minefield and pursue your business goals. We understand that business entities need efficient and effective legal representation focused on containing costs and limiting exposure to legal liabilities. To discuss how we can meet your business’s legal needs, contact us today. Skillfully Handling Business Transactions We have comprehensive experience guiding business owners and managers through a wide range of legal procedures and transactions, including but not limited to the following: • Business formation: We are intimately familiar with the business entity models available under New York law, including corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited partnerships. We handle entity registration, articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, operating agreements and all other aspects of business formation. • Professional associations: Organizations of professionals — such as architects, accountants, attorneys and physicians — may be subject to certain licensing restrictions that impact business entity formation. We are experienced at addressing these issues. • Commercial contracts: We are experienced at drafting and negotiating sophisticated commercial contracts — with a particular focus on construction and real estate contracts — on behalf of business clients. • Employment contracts: New York and federal law place constraints on the provisions that may be included in employment contracts. We draft and review contracts and employee manuals to meet employers’ needs while ensuring compliance with the law. • Business dissolution: When the owners of a business no longer wish to do business together, the dissolution of the entity and distribution of assets require careful attention from lawyers who are prepared to handle any disputes that may arise. Breach of Contract Bostick Law has decades of experience drafting, negotiating and modifying custom and form contracts. We know how important it is to clearly establish what each party wants, and when certain products or services are to be rendered. Unfortunately, oral contracts or poorly drafted contracts often result in contract disputes involving different interpretation or even disingenuous claims of varying interpretation. Business disputes in fact often involve allegations of breach of contract. Contracts are the basis of a business, mutual promises that promote confidence and a viable business model. What Constitutes Breach? Outright refusal or failure to perform on a contract is less common than disputed claims of minor or material breach. How a contract should be interpreted is partly a matter of case law or precedent – what courts have done in prior similar circumstances. Sometimes, contracts are held by courts to be invalid. Reasons for this result include failure to satisfy the basic requirements of a contract or, occasionally, fundamental unfairness. We can advise you on the contract in question, and represent you in seeking resolution of the dispute. Our vast experience includes construction contracts of various types, including architectural/engineering agreements, construction manager agreements, GMP contracts, and design-build contracts, among others. What Can You Do? Remedies ordered by a court in a business lawsuit include: • Compensatory Damages • Liquidated Damages • Rescission • Specific Performance

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