Bostick Law is a boutique law firm dedicated to serving the legal needs of the community through representation, counsel and education. Bostick Law is dedicated providing individualized client focused representation and counsel to each and every client. We understand that your legal matter is important to you and you need it to be as important to us.

We strive to not only give our clients the best legal advice and representation possible, but we also aim to education and inform our community concerning proper estate planning and sound business solutions. Our laser-focused approach to strategic solutions provide our clients with the assurance that their case is being handled by a seasoned attorney who has devoted years of their career to zealously representing clients and getting results.

The difference is our knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures that make our practice areas of the law so complex. Our clients can rest assured that we are up to date on the most recent updates and changes in the law. The results speak for themselves. Bostick Law is the difference in having a good result and a great result.

Bostick Law is all about talking to you, personally. We do not screen your calls. We do not put you on with the secretary. We do not let you go straight to voicemail. If you have a question for your attorney then you get to speak to your attorney.

If April is in court then she will let you know, and will tell you when she will get back to you. And then she gets back to you. Your lawyer should not be inaccessible or too busy to talk to you. My job is not only to zealously defend you and your rights but also to explain the process to you and be your first resource for information, updates, and advice.

So let’s get started. E-mail me to set up an initial consultation or you can call me at 901-203-2616 to start the conversation even sooner. I can give you an initial evaluation of your situation and you can discover, like so many others already have, that I am the right attorney for you.